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Troubleshooting Tips:

The below tips were written to help our customers save time trying to figure out the issue(s) with their salt cell and/or pool. Before you call or email Pentair for technical or warranty support, we suggest you do the following.

  1. Test the pool to make sure it has the proper amount of salt. 
  2. Test the chlorine level by taking a sample of water coming out the wall return closest to the salt cell while it is on. Then take a sample test away from the wall return.
  3. Compare readings. If you see a chlorine reading that’s higher from the wall return test water, then it's making chlorine, but the water is not holding the chlorine.
  4. Have the water tested professionally for CYA and phosphates.
  5. Refer to the Pentair trouble shooting tips.

Below is a link to Pentair's trouble-shooting guide and tips.

If you feel you have a warranty issue, all of our manufacturers handle their warranties directly, including Pentair. Below is a link with warranty info and contact information.


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