Pentair 194801Z | 2' inch Bulkheads Union 520 | BULKHD FNS 2 3/8-8 BUTT

Exclusive Price
  • Bulkhead Replacement for Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filters and FNS Plus DE Filters, Nautilus D.E Filters and Pac Fab Sea Horse Stainless Steel Cartridge Filters. Compatible with Clean & Clear Plus pool and spa cartridge filter models

    • CCP240

    • CCP3201

    • CCP4201

    • CCP5201.

  • Also suitable for Nautilus and Quad pool/spa D.E. filter models NS36, NS48, NS60, NS72, QUAD 60, QUAD 80, QUAD 100.

  • Constructed of durable PVC Plastic Material, corrosion and weather resistant, durable and reliable in use, longer service life. Easier to connect with PVC pipes by solvent welding..

  • It takes a breeze to install. No tools needed. Simply rotate bulkhead fitting counterclockwise to remove, clockwise to tighten the installation.

  • SKU: 576288
  • Part Number: 194801Z
  • Height (Inches): 2.5
  • Width (Inches): 3.5
  • Length (Inches): 3.5
  • Manufacturer: Pentair

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