Pentair A&A 542486 | Water Leveler. In-Floor Valve


The float valve for this unit is designed to operate below 60 psi and must not exceed 80 psi or ongoing failures will occur. ABS to PVC transitional glue must used between the QuickWaterLeveler body and PVC schedule 40 pipe.

The QuikWaterLeveler is an in-ground unit designed to control and regulate the delivery of fresh water to a pool, spa or other basin. Using the QuikWaterLeveler in a manner outside of it intended purpose may void the warranty.

Included in the Package:

  • #2 Phillips SS screws

  • Lid

  • Deck Ring

  • Float Assembly

  • Restrictor Seal

  • Canister

  • Pressure Testing Plug

  • SKU: 505033
  • Part Number: 542486
  • Manufacturer: A&A Manufacturer