Pentair A&A 224800 | 2-Port Low Profile 2" Port | 2" T-Valve.

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Pentair A&A 2-Port Low Profile 2" T-Valve.

The low profile T-Valve from Pentair maximizes efficiency and performance while providing economic savings. Its side inlet design allows for poolside installation, improving overall system efficiency while eliminating the need for internal and external screens - minimizing maintenance requirements.

Users can pause flow at any time with the QuikStop feature, and the built-in speed control helps adjust rates to achieve the desired result. Pentair's 2-Port Low Profile 2" T-Valve Includes:

  • Side inlet construction provides convenient poolside installation, allowing for greater operational efficiency.

  • No internal or external display components, reducing maintenance needs.

  • The QuikStop feature provides the ability to temporarily pause the system's operation.

  • Offers adjustable speed settings for precise adjustment.

  • SKU: 542091
  • Part Number: 224800