Solaxx E-Series 40K CLGE40-020 | Replacement Control Panel Only

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    E-Series Control Panel ONLY- 40K. 
    1. ON / OFF button - turns the unit ON or OFF.
    2. Decrease Chlorine Production - press the "-" button to decrease chlorine production level.
    3. Chlorine output levels - Indicated the system's chlorine output (i.e. 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% production rate).
    4. Increase Chlorine Production - press the "+" button to increase chlorine production level.
    5. Turbo - Enables the system to operate at full power for 24hr. After 24hrs. the system return to its set point.
    6. Warning message - Attention!! Please respond to each warning message as described.
      • DO NOT use metal or other hard objects to clean the cell.
      • DO NOT insert anything into the cell.
      • Make sure the electrical connection on top of the cassette does not come in direct contact with water and/or acid!
      • Always add acid to water NOT water to acid.


    note: You will receive The Gentle Chlor Control Panel as pictured below. It is a direct replacement control panel for the Resilience E-Series 40K Salt Cell System.

    • SKU: 1100073
    • Part Number: CLGE40_020
    • Manufacturer: Solaxx

    Please visit manufacturer website regarding warranty inquiries. If you need help contact us.