AquaStar PLF35000 Pipe Line Filter 35000 gal. pool


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Filtration Performance:

Pipeline Filer passed the NSF water clarity test with just 1 turnover, similar to DE filters. Other cartridge filters typically take up the 5 turnovers to pass the same test Engineered pleat pacing, 64% larger core openings, and patented uniform tank design allow for more uniform flow from bottom to top, providing best-in-class filtration.

Safety and Ease-of-Access:

Pipeline Filters patented doubled-;packing system allows for safe, quick, and easy depressurization, making the filter extremely easy to access compared to filters that use a traditional clamp.

Hydraulic Performance:

Pipeline Filters provide top-tier hydraulic performance. These filters continue to outperform even after the first cleaning of the filter and cartridge element. Head loss in a Pipeline Filter only increase by 2% after cleaning according to instructions (up to 50% is allowed for NSF certification). Less head loss at the filter provides less stress on the pump, saving energy and money

  • SKU: 888999
  • Part Number: PLF35000
  • Height (Inches): 43.0
  • Width (Inches): 19.0
  • Length (Inches): 19.0
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: AquaStar

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