PoolSide Tech ATT-2-CHEM | The Attendant 2 + Chemistry Module.

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PoolSide Tech's ATT-2-CHEM ensures the most efficient pool ownership experience. With 2 High Voltage Relays, Chemistry Module, and Cable Kit, the cloud-based automation system monitors and regulates pool equipment, water quality, and temperature for maximum energy savings and reduced environmental impact. Enjoy the benefit of simplified maintenance and a stress-free poolside experience.

  • Including 2 High Voltage Relays, Chemistry Module, and Cable Kit
  • Minimize the energy impact and costs of pool ownership while removing wasteful spends.
  • Our chemistry management and auto-dosing capabilities will measure, record, and react to a pools ongoing chemical needs. 
  • Real-time access to each piece of equipment is made available to assist in troubleshooting...
  • Compatible with any equipment in any configuration, never getting you locked into a vendor again

Inside the Box:

  • The Attendant Controller (1 unit)
  • High voltage relays (Qty 2 included in base unit)
  • Cable Kit

Included with The Attendant:

  • Onboard touchscreen for local control
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android) for full experience.
  • Vendor Agnostic Device Control
  • Built-in WIFI connectivity
  • Remote Equipment Diagnostics
  • Built-in Energy Savings & Smart Temperature Controls
  • Built-in Airbnb mode
  • Built-in Water Leveling & Autofill Support
  • Built-in Chemical Monitoring Module (+ Chemistry)
  • Built-in Dirty Filter Detection • Home Assistant Integration
  • Spotify Integration
  • Onboard PIN code for local device safety and lockable enclosure
  • Expandable for larger system installation

  • SKU: 1288223
  • Part Number: ATT_2_CHEM