Phos Locker Dual | Phosphate Removal and CYA Controller

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Maintain proper levels of Cyanuric Acid and reduce phosphate in your pool with Phos Locker Dual. Simply place it in your skimmer basket, then remove and empty the nutrient-rich contents into your flower bed after 30 days of use.

How To Use:

Place the PhosLockerDual pouch in the throat of the skimmer, on the ledge, or inside the skimmer basket.

If locating inside the skimmer basket, routinely clean the basket from leaves and debris to ensure good water flow and contact with the PhosLockerDual pouch.

After 30 days, remove from pool and use the phosphate rich contents of pouch to fertilize lawn, gardens, or flowerbeds.

Recommended Use:

  • Up to 1000 ppb in 15,000 gallon pool plus CYA control.


  • Always ensure adequate pool water flow through the skimmer for the swimming pool pump.
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