Pentair 461113 | ETi 400 High-Efficiency Natural Gas Pool and Spa Heater

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The ETi 400 efficiently heats your pool with a blazing-fast performance to reach your target temperature in a snap. Equipped with the industry-exclusive TitanTough™ Direct-Fire Titanium Heat Exchanger, the toughest heat exchanger ever built, the ETi 400 can deliver years of reliable heating. And with 96% thermal efficiency, more of every dollar you spend goes directly into heating your pool. Paired with simplified installation and an ultra-quiet noise level, the ETi 400 can make your backyard oasis warmer and cozier for years to come.
Key features and benefits:

  • Corrosion-resistant TitanTough Direct-Fire Titanium Heat Exchanger is the strongest heat exchanger ever built—for years of high-quality, trustworthy warmth.

  • 96% thermal efficiency, the highest efficiency ever built in its class. For every $1 of natural gas that’s piped into the heater, 96 cents go directly to heating your pool, so you get more bang for your buck.

  • Flexible installation features, including orientation options for gas line connection.

  • Quick access to keypad controller for user convenience.

  • Large removable panels make accessing the heater internals quick and easy.

  • ETi 400 is 400,000 BTUs (BTU is the quantity of heat needed to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit). The higher the BTUs, the higher the heating power, and the faster your pool can heat up.

  • SKU: 575795
  • Part Number: 461113
  • Height (Inches): 42.0
  • Width (Inches): 34.0
  • Length (Inches): 30.0
  • Color: Almond
  • Manufacturer: Pentair

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