Gentle Chlor CLG E40 Salt Chlorine Generator Cell 40K

Exclusive Price

Converting to a Salt Pool or Switching From Another SWG Brand?

Look No Further than Gentle Chlor CLG E40. Here's why:

Gentle on Your Hair, Your Skin, Your Swimwear, Your Senses, and Eyes. The water just feels better by leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. It's 1/10 the level of salt in ocean water with zero handling of chlorine tabs or intrusive chlorine floaters.

Gentle Chlor is an advanced all-in-one salt water chlorine generator in a advanced compact design for your pool. Easy one touch controls. Set it and forget it.

Save hundreds of $$$$$ on future cell replacements. Only $695.00 for
Gentle Chlor cell replacements.

Made In Israel.

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  • "All in One" in-line salt water chlorine generator for pools.

  • 3 Year Warranty including parts and labor.

  • Easy DIY instructions and mistake free measuring template included

  • Produces 1.4 pounds chlorine per day - equivalent to * Pentair IC40 EC 520555

  • Designed to work with variable speed pumps.

  • Full range input voltage 110-220VSC

  • Build in salinity and water temperature sensors. 

  • 4 button operation

  • For Swimming Pools Up To 40K Gallons

  • Simplest installation on the market.

  • Service and maintenance built in alerts.

Current Salt Concentration in Pool (before addition) [PPM]

No Hassle and No Guessing Maintenance:

Dirty and improperly maintained cells can shorten the life of salt cells by up to 75%
We have a clear body to see any build up...

Easy twist off canister and removable cell makes cleaning fast and easy. No cleaning kits to buy-included is a cleaning cup with mixing instructions on how to clean the cell

Save Hundreds on Cell Replacements:
When replacing the cell, buy only the replacement cell, not all the wiring, cell housing and controls. Almost a 50% savings in replacement costs of IC40 and/or IC60.
*Gentle Chlor products are not made by, or affiliated with, Pentair®
  • SKU: 1589011
  • Part Number: CLG E40 520555
  • Height (Inches): 7.5
  • Width (Inches): 17.0
  • Length (Inches): 18.0
  • Manufacturer: Solaxx

Please visit manufacturer website regarding warranty inquiries. If you need help contact us.