Pentair New Pool Package #1

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New Pool Package #1 — IntelliPro3 VSF 3.0HP | System:3 Modular Media Filters | WaterCo Cyclone | Max-E-Therm High Performance Pool and Spa Heater | Pentair IntelliCenter Control System | IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator IC40 | IntelliBrite 5g Color LED Pool Lights.

The IntelliPro3® VSF Pool Pump sets the new bar for performance with built-in senseless flow control for effortless optimum flow of water and keep the pool crystal clear. IntelliBrite® 5g Color LED Pool Lights technology ware of energy efficiency, lifetime value, quality of lights and the ability to control the lights color. Max-E-Therm® now offers smart features and an optional energy-saving automatic bypass to help you ensure your pool is ready whenever you are. The MultiCyclone 16 and minimize filter cleaning and back -washing. IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine IC40 uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively and automatically. 

IntelliPro3 VSF 3.0HP Pool Pump

  • Proprietary flow technology maintains the pool's optimum flow.
  • Up to 90%* energy savings. Slower speed and regulated flow save energy.
  • New motor, drive, and hydraulics. Department of Energy (DOE) compliant.
  • Easy control via the Pentair Home app or optional touchscreen.

System:3® Modular Media Filters —SM Series.

  • Sta-Rite Sys 3 Series Media 600 Sq. Ft. Filter 
  • The innovative balanced flow design is the standard of the industry
  • Complete media coverage combined with shallow pleats means greater dirt-holding capabilities for longer filter cycles and less cleaning
  • Typical installation—inground pools, inground hot tubs and water features.


Substitute System3 Modular Media Filter with Pentair Clean & Clear Plus 520 Sq. Ft. Filter 160332


WaterCo Cyclone

  • MultiCyclone pre-filters up to 80% of the filter’s incoming dirt load easing the workload of the swimming pool filter
  • Enhancing the performance of the automatic pool cleaner and in floor cleaning system
  • Allowing effective pool vacuuming without burdening the pool filter.

Note: The MultiCyclone is designed to filter sediment that is heavier than water, floating debris cannot be filtered out by centrifugal filtration.

Max-E-Therm® High Performance Pool and Spa Heater

  • Smart connectivity via the Pentair IntelliCenter Control System enables management of pool functions from across the yard or around the globe
  • Digital connectivity with your pool’s automation system and an advanced ignition control module with flame strength sensor help to ensure optimal heater performance.
  • Full-text digital display combines new functions and a user-friendly menu for easy operation and diagnostics.

Pentair IntelliCenter Control System

  • Easy to program, with step-by-step, on screen instructions
  • Color touchscreen interface displays intuitive instructions in clear text and rich colors
  • Convenient control from inside and outside the home via outdoor and indoor control panels and wireless remotes
  • Dimensions: 26 in. H x 17 in. W x 5.25 in. 

IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator IC40

  • Full diagnostic capabilities, including cell-life tracking that communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time
  • Automatic shut-off feature protects the unit and prolongs cell life under low-water-temperature conditions
  • Communicates with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch® and SunTouch® Automation Systems

IntelliBrite® 5g Color LED Pool Lights

  • Choose from 5 predetermined fixed colors (blue, green, magenta, white and red) or 7 popular preprogrammed "color shows"
  • Pool lens can be rotated to 180° to provide wide beam pattern (standard) or narrow beam pattern
  • Cable Length -- 100 ft
  • Designed to work with IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® Control Systems
  • Available in 120-V.
  • SKU: 1888999
  • Part Number: 520555 S_S8M600 013075 521903 SR400NA
  • Manufacturer: Pentair