Avient EM54820023 Color Pool Pigments | Tahoe


Designed to deliver a beautiful, long-lasting appearance in any pool, vibrant and impressive finish that will leave you impressed. When it comes to transforming your pool to deliver exceptional results every time, and unmatched performance.

Reliable Color Consistency: Spectrum of primary colors that are always consistent, ensuring that your pool's visual appeal remains new like throughout every season.

Resilient against Harsh Water Chemistry: Formulated to endure even the harshest water conditions. No need to worry about fading or dulling colors.

Stunning Color Stability: Your pool's beauty should never fade, enjoy the lasting color stability of your pool under normal water conditions.

Key Characteristics:

  • Consistent color throughout the pool
  • Durable, long-lasting pigment formulations
  • Long-term color stability
  • Environmentally stable
  • Interior & exterior use
    • SKU: 1100096
    • Part Number: EM54820023

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